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Join a strong team of business aviation brokers to earn more and grow through partnership.
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JetSpace — a gathering place for ambitious and experienced business aviation brokers around the technological platform to provide the best service to clients.

Our goal is to unite the best business aviation brokers and create the strongest team in the industry. We've been in the market for a long time, and we've grown from brokers ourselves, so we know for sure that:

  1. Brokers are undervalued: they earn 10-15% per flight while doing 80% of the work.
  2. Brokers depend on incoming requests, which may sometimes be lacking.
  3. Brokers operate in a competitive market without a unique selling proposition.
  4. Brokers are burdened with the routine of deal-making and flights.
  5. Brokers want to grow, learn, and sell related services.
  6. Brokers dream of influencing company processes and development. They want to do more than just work; they want to change the business aviation market.


Earn up to 70% from flights,

while we handle all the flight organization routine.

Work within a ready infrastructure:

IT platform, financial, legal, and operational support.

Work as a partner:

set your own schedule and make decisions.

Consistently earn more

through a steady flow of warm leads and cross-selling related products.

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