Perfect business class alternative

Share the cost of renting a business jet with your fellow travelers.

This was made possible with the new JetSharing service — seat sharing sales of business jet

JetSpace offers several options of JetSharing.

Choose the one that suits you:

    Choose a flight from the schedule at a fixed cost per seat from 2000 to 5000 EUR
  2. DEALS
    Have you already got a flight booked? We will find fellow travelers and reduce the cost of your flight 
    Initiate a flight, and JetSpace will find fellow travelers and reduce the cost of the flight
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Arrival at business aviation terminals and check-in 30 minutes before your flight

High level of comfort at a lower cost

The ability to monetize available seats through JetSpace and significantly reduce the total cost of charter flight

Seat Pooling service for groups. The ability to buy several seats instead of the entire Jet