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Medical aviation is indispensable for emergency assistance in conditions of remoteness from hospitals or for transportation of victims from emergency areas. JetSpace has extensive experience in the field of medical aviation and organizes both transport and evacuation medical flights.

The extensive capabilities of the flying stock allow us to use specially equipped planes and helicopters anywhere in the world. All the necessary equipment is available on board, depending on the purpose of the medical flight.

When transporting bedridden patients, the aircraft is adapted to your specific needs: the availability of equipment from heart monitors to lung ventilators, intensive care units and wide doorways for transporting patients on stretchers. Thorough preparation is guaranteed for all medical aviation flights with JetSpace.

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Professional support at all stages

Highly qualified pilots will transport patients as comfortably as possible. Crew members are ready to provide first aid if necessary.

Comfort and safety

Rapidity. Thanks to the well-coordinated work of our team, we organize transportation quickly and comfortably.

Experience. JetSpace has hundreds of perfectly organized medical flights under Its belt.

Personal Manager is available to you at all times for any questions

JetSpace will select the ideal plane or helicopter for your needs at the best price.