Professional transaction support

We offer our customers the following: aircraft management, support of purchase/sale transactions, aircraft registration, insurance, legal and consulting support.

JetSpace professional brokers will not only provide expert advice in the process of buying an aircraft, but also fully support the transaction at all stages. For this purpose, a comprehensive work is carried out from the analysis of offers on the global market and finding a suitable jet to the maintenance checkout and the execution of a contract.

We guarantee confidentiality of our customers' data.

With JetSpace, the purchase and sale process is quick and convenient, without any risks for both parties.

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Perfect image. JetSpace has a reputation of a trusted player in the global business aviation market.

Expertise in details. We take into consideration every single peculiarity of any aircraft to meet the requirements of our customers. 

Privacy. We guarantee that customer data stays safe.

Highly qualified managers, lawyers and technical experts help us provide the impeccable service in the process of purchasing / selling and servicing an aircraft.